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sepi, tapi berisi.

*at Karangkraf, Shah Alam*
*the printing processes of books @ magazines*
*yanie and me, at HotFM*
*with Mr Sufian. he's cool, man!*
*during interview session*
.the classmates and Esther.
.crazy classmates.

That's how i'd describe myself. well, motifnya, adalah sebab aku dah tak berblog selama, entahla. last time i wrote, i was in library, and later that night, have broadcast test coming up. well, its been weeks now. lots has happened.

Hm. to kick things off, i have gone to Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama on 11th September. Yay! For assignment, of course, but still, its Sri Pentas. And the place is cool! I personally would like to be there, myself, working. Though the interview with Mr Sufian Isa, the producer of Gangstarz, saw conflicts between our group members (car problems, prayer's problem), we still goes and the result was not bad. Even mr Sufian was kind, he even texted me Hari Raya wishes, well, that's for another blog.

We saw Tini as she was in conti at HotFM. Then Karam Singh Walia, Michelle and Nas Ahmad of Melodi. We later break our fast at One Utama. Least we got what we're looking for.

Oh. And the crazy people of DMC4A, after 4th semester, finally break fast together, on 2nd September 2009. Best and Happening! That's all I can say. Overnight and straight to class during Ramadhan? Well, it was something.

Next, the interview for Publishing and Media Design, yet another subject we had to interview people. Lots of credits being spent, lots of negotiation being done, lots of fights and disagreements, after some time, on September 14th, we made our way to Shah Alam to interview those people of Karangkraf. This was not my choice. And personally, I still objected to it. The reason they want to do the interview before Raya, is because, "smue orang dah interview, kita belum". fuck.

And as always, i have to do everything. asking, and borrowing camera. and providing extra money. while a particular group member, refused to go on Monday, of which we dont have class just because, "nak dating dengan awek". causing four other people to miss two classes on Tuesday. double fuck. the pictures shows the process of interviews. well, may be its not that bad. i got to know their printing processes, how they edit pictures, the location of Karangkraf itself.

Well, after all those crazyincidents, and much fasting, i finally made my way to KL on Wednesday evening with Zilla. It was raining when i came home. But I am still glad. Kat KL dah, and about to Raya! yay!


Test, Oh Keep That Coming!

Ugh! Malam ini, MId Term Broadcasting! Then, Wednesday, then Thursday, then Sunday. Hugh. And I just read through. Tak bace habis. When the feeling of laziness taken over, well. Haish.

For everyone yang rase2 Masscom @ UiTM Malacca, well, Good Luck for every Papers! Takut kot! Tak sabar tunggu cuti raye. Been missing KL like HELL already! xD

signing off, acap yang cute. haha.

*p/s~ SERIOUS takut malam nih. .

Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.

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