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.Minal 'Aidil Wal Fa'izin.

already in KL. for three days now. gosh. it was tiring.

accompanied Fikri to KLCC on Saturday. oh. for the first time, I'll be wearing Topman. and Crazee Causa. and Romp. and it was all as a gifts from Fikrie. huhuh. kudos to him.

and yeterday, went to Carrefour and bought things for Raya.

Oh. and i Drive. Finally, I already received my liceense, the exact one, which had my pix in it. was soo happy.

and, during the evening, i went to Bazar. and I met my old classmates, and schoolmates. Gosh. How things had changed. and I met Nik Hafeezi. it was last year, when we were both not doing anything. and it was also Ramadhan. and, well. Gosh. How many has changed, while in fact, it had only been a year.

anyway. in another two days. we'll be celebrating Aidilfitri. and Im going to spend it here. Hurm. i Dont Care. it doesnt even feel like Raya. anywhere. Kelantan. KL. Just the same. well, i have went to some ceramah, and such. and they said the 'Aidilfitri', literally translated will be 'Kembali Kepada Fitrah', or 'Back to Basic'.

the Basic refers to what we were, before Ramadhan. it would be such shame, if we go back to our once sinned life. and this one, i said it to myself. this year only, i have done things im not so very proud of. LOTS OF THINGS. I just hope i could change for the better. after all, isnt that what this Fasting Month all about. make yourself go better?

hopefully, i'll be able to make it real. oh. and ryte now, i just want to be, solo. like i did, last sem, and years before. single, happy and loving it.

any way. the holiday is packed with assignments. hopefully i would be able to complete it.

anyway. to all who read, have VERY HAPPY AIDILFITRI~!
and im SOO SORRY, for every wrongdoings, harsh words...
oh. and may dis year's Syawal be the most sweetest Syawal for all of us.




too Late?

and the dramas continue...

i still havent been able to solve it. the fact that the person gives a good response, really didnt help, at all. gosh. i can only imagine about this sort of thing, in previous years. and now, to be in the exact position which i dreaded so was hard.

im very much still sad, since i didnt have a chance to give the person, all this letters which i wrote. i can possibly text, since the circumstances didnt allow us to. also, i've bought 'kad raya' specially for that person. but, then, last nyte, the person already made to move to the village. i guess we havent a 'jodoh' after all. if u could called this jodoh.

but then, there was somethinmg special between us. okay. usually, i will be the one who would ended up getting hurt, and theres the fact that i always come second. hell.

for all i know, the person didnt even care about me. but then, the person do care.

and, just how do you tell someone you loved, who love you back, but is torn between two people?

the person is not to be blamed. well then, should i? or, the circumstances?

i just wish, everything will turn out great.

and, that, i will end up with the person. someday. one day..

as for my gurl, i really do like, hell love her.

tp. im too afraid. of rejection. and that i would breaking her heart sometimes.

whatever it is, its Ramadhan, now.

oh, almost over. in next two days, i'll be boarding bus to KL. yeay~!!


hopfully this year's Ramadhan bring lots of goodness...


dramas, Dramas.

well. its been almost three weeks now, im being here at malacca.
gosh~! it is boring. i guess i really do loves kL.

hurm, for better or for worst, i am staying, though. well. i still havent settle things up with that person. gosh. at times, i just feel that i dont want to do this anymore. im sick, and tired. everytimes i did see the person, well... it just hurts me since i cant be with the person.

but, after much dramas, and again, being caught redhanded, well, i now realize that the person's not for me. or is it? i dont know...

even my studies been dropiing down. i had exams last two weeks, and my results ain't that good. i really do hope for another miracle to happen, and i'll get DL, again. even, our lecturer, Ms Farah, was furious at us since we havent excel. i promised myself, there and then, taht i would work hard. and, tried to forget the person.

oh. i really did miss KL. and my Mom. and Mel. and Fiq. i longed to live the life i once lived. everything was so simple. and i wont even think about all the troubles. Sigh.

but then, i would not experience the life at UiTM. the so called "UiTM di Hatiku". but then, there are good things. for instance, i am now officially the new secretary of KOMED. hahah. i cant even thought myself as being a clerk. but last nyte, it had been fun. we have the Photo Shoot. now i knoe, IT IS HARD TO BE A MODEL.

i wanted to come back to KL and get my new brand car license!!
let next friday come out early...