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Pelajar Semester 3, Kewartawanan. Suka memasang impian dan cita cita, tinggi menggunung.



okay, thats two, in german, or deustch. *and it is pronounced 'doish'. go figure! haha.
that is among what i had picked these two months. well, shah alam has been, hectic, as what i had imagined it to be. but during these two months, much has i picked. i learned german. i met my new classmates. i learned what Journalism is all about. and then, theres cute little friends, along the way. shah alam is hectic, no doubt. i missed melaka. lendu. lekir. but, this is my choice. degree. shah alam. meranti. oh, and then some. i am now, an offical class rep, of MC 221 3C. with that, yeah, come responsibility. bigg responsibility. and with that, too, comes drama, no doubt. i have had my fair shares. that makes me think, as the saying goes.

"no matter where you go, the situation will always be the same. the drama will always be there. different is, the people, the actors. and that you just has to play along."

and play along is what exactly i am going to do. after all, six weeks have passed. another eight weeks to go. then its a four months holiday, cant wait! <3

*what UiTM Shah Alam looks like*

*and this, is S & T tower. for engineering faculty.