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Dramas, Still.

2nd week at uitm.

well, after having such a great fun last weekend, sadly, i've git to go back to malacca. well, i am a student, so, it was like a job to go here and study.

last week has been fun, though.


Stuffs Can Change in a Week.

Apparently, it is true.

I spent days at Malacca. Only days. And it seemed as though it had been 5 long years. I just, well, I had thought about not going back to Malacca. It was tiring, a long and and exhausting first semester, and I don’t know if I could bear with it anymore.

Well, things had not been as rough as I thought it would be, that fact is true. But then, it had only been a week. Even classes are like, blah. It was good though, the fact that I got to meet all the classmates. GOSH~! Had it really been last semester. It was like, I had known them for years.

Owh, and the love that I was bragging about? Let’s just say, that’s over. Huhu. At first, it was hard, real hard, and way hard. Bona fide hard. I was really, I don’t know. Intense. I was sad, devastated, miserable even… what else? U names it. but then, I still had friends, good friends along the way. They are the one who had helped me. And, I don’t know. I always know that this thing would happen, sooner or later. I guess, I just wish that it would happen much, much later.

Well, anyhow, it’s only for one day. The next day, I woke up, and already feeling good about myself. At least, I could once again said, that I am single. Huhu. I always love that title. It meant free. It means, you’re doing your own thing. It means independent. Plus, I had my whole life, and sadly, my whole diploma, right in front of me. And I have Yanie, and Fiqa. The classmates that I adores much. They are the reason that I stayed. One of the reason, at least. Oh, and of course, Azzah.

For better of for worst, I am now at KL. Yeay~! (It had not even been a week, since I went to Malacca. Hehe).

7/12/2008 1:58:36 PM


.the Love.

Yesterday, I met off with my lover, for the second time. Still, I felt nervous, shivers, and such overwhelming feeling, all over. I don’t know. It’s just like, our first time, only its not. The meeting, well, it was…lukewarm. We had only met one time, and we already started a relationship.

You see, us is rather complicated. I knew him, more that I thought I did. Well, that’s the gist of it. It turn out, we’re in t same class, when we were in Standard 3, back at our old school, SKDTHO. And then he moved. And then we met, in the club. Somewhere around March this year. GOSH~!! And to think that we already whoring, dancing explicitly there, god, can’t even imagine.


Then, last week, I went to this house where, well, something’s happen.

And I met him there. After that, he said that he liked me. Really liked me. Even though I was just being myself. So, I was like, okay, we’re like moving too fast here. I mean, after that one meeting, he asked us to be, an item. I was, you know, after such hard years, I was like, heartbroken and all. But, he treated me so well. He always called me. And I never did. Haha.

Then, suddenly, we’re already in a relation. Okay. Ain’t it fast? Anyway, yesterday we met up. I was really uncertain, confused, ashamed, anxious, afraid, ohh... you name it.

Then I saw him, and, I don’t know. I just knew. It’s him. No one else. My love. So, we went strolling around, across the park. We even made out, lightly, of course. Gosh. I long for his lips to touch mine. I just ignored those people who were looking at us.

“I don’t care what they say, I’m in love with you~!”

Then, we went to McD. He insisted on paying for me. But I insisted not to. I’ve my own money. Plus, its not his money that I’m after. Next, we went to watch movies. The Nanny Diaries. Okay, for those who planned on watching it, please cancel your plan. I’m not saying it’s terrible, it’s just, if you’re looking for comedies, go with something else.

As soon as the movie ended, he said that he had to make his move. I was like, “but it’s still early…” unfortunately, he had to pick up his mom. Oh yea. Didn’t I say he lived at Shah Alam? I tagged along and sent him to KL Sentral. And I was like, “this guy got me going crazy. I even followed him to KL SENTRAL, while, at the same time, I could have gone home.

He gave me a peck on my lips. And I long for more. But well, it’s public. Huhuhu. Well, that was the all lovey, all romantic part of it. Here’s the hard part.

* The Distance

* Lack of Sparks

* I may not live up to his expectation.

Even my friends say, long distance relations rarely work. I knew that. LOL. I even had an experience in it. But, it’s all come to trust, right?

But then, how can I trust him, when I cant even trust myself? I’m afraid someone’s going to end up getting hurt, and I’m afraid it would be me.

Well, just for the record, it had been a week now, and we’re still together? Hence, it would be okay, will it?