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It really is a relieved, since we have, FINALLY, finished up all the papers. I can safely say, now that one burden is over, (although during the exams, I managed to come late, to ALL the papers), its ime to party.

I still don’t know yet, what I will be doing this semester’s break. Maybe whoring, sleeping, and catching up all the good times I missed in KL. But then, the money is rather tight. Hurm, well, that’s for me to think, later…

Anyway, now that I’ve been here, for like, 3 days now, I must say, I had the greatest days. First, with my room mates. Here’s the thing, I always come out late during exam. During the last day, 18th, it was raining, and our bus is at 6 o’clock. And, I only finished paper at 5.15. I was running, and thank God we managed to arrive to bus station, right in time.

After spending a not-so-pleasant night at my friend’s, we made our way back to KL. At this point, I had really missed my KL friends. UiTM, well, it’s holiday, so I want to pretty much spend the day with old friends. Tension was running high at this moment, and this Malacca noks, pretend to know everything about KL. Like duh. I was the one who lives here. Although it was fun, I just cant wait to get home, though.

The next day, I spent it with Mel, my bestiest. I went to his home, hoping to get my lens. Then, the news come out, where Leona Lewis, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and Hilary Duff has released the Deluxe Edition of their albums. So, we went to Sg Wang, on a short notice. There, we met up with Kobain, who is now, well, Kobain Fierce. Haha. Put a Wig on It, anyone?

Then, we went to Old Town, in Taman Melati. Gosh, so close to my Auntie’s.
Next, I spent the night with Mel’s. It felt great, since, after 3 weeks not seeing each other, we met up, and our friendship still sit in a strong ground. And I was thinking, my UiTM friends would never do this to me. Well, they are the friends in need, not the friend indeed. And they say all the worst things, hoping us not to feel irritated. Whateves. Now that I’m in KL, its time to forget matters, and have fun.

The night continues as Fikri the Makhayam, who now have car license (sigh, finally), pick me up and we went strolling around. I was pretty much beat up, by then, but he is still ONE of my bestiest, so, I accompany him. And he introduces me to Jay and Shark. I was a bit jealous, since he had new friends. But, it’s good for him, since now that I am gone, he needs someone to spend the time with.

I only managed to sleep at 3 0 clock. Gosh. It was KL life for me, after 3 weeks haven’t set foot here. And, yes, I am DAMN FUCKING relieved to take a vacation from Alor Gajah.



Last Sunday was cool. Way cool. The first overnight of my life, and there's nothing i'd like to change about it. I'd be with two of my Bestiest, here in UiTM, Lulu, the Techtonic and Cool gal, and Uwais, one who would always look up for me. Every minutes of the night was real great, since the first step I made into Lulu's car, to the very step I took out of her car.

It was Syerie who called and asked me. Since we just finished with Human Comm, i think it'd be great for us. Gosh. Now this, could be called a REAL tension. Well, to start things off, we, (after the Ramadhan month), went to dine in Borahan Seafood @ Taman Perindustrian Zarina and ate the delicious Barbecue Sauce.

Next, we made our way to Jonker Walk. My first time being there, too. It was someting like Petaling Street. Malacca Version of it, at least. Lulu was searching for a Cheongsam, and my, she looks cute in it. But then, this 'Makcik' scold us, after trying, taking pictures and not buying it. Heheh. On the same street, we tasted this delicious and just to die for, ice jelly something. Lulu's treat, that is.

Next, we moved to Banda Hilir, Melaka. Now i know, that there are clubs here, for real. The Office really did got my attention, one where you have to dress formally, like you just get back from office. Quite cool. Plan to go with Azzah, some other time.

Lulu also took us to Jetty, both new, and old Jetty. While the old one (located in Kampung Melayu Portugis) is quite forgettable, the new one is Havoc. We karaoke-ing, sing our throats out, shaking our booty (hahah), and it was worth it. Para laila Bamba..

Next, we spent therest of the night in Pantai Puteri. Last semester, I was writing an article about it, and finally I got to see the beach right in front of my eyes. We were sort of waiting for the sunrise, sadly, it comes from the other part. By then, all of us has gotten really sleepy. We ate breakfast in Sungai Petai, and then time to go back.

The UiTM guard seemed suspicious. Hell, why would students opt for a breakfast? But then, still let us go. All in all, it was way better outing rather than the previous one. Well, let the pictures speak for itself.



.007:Quantum of So-Boring-Lace.

it was in the middle of examination weeks.
and the tension, atmosphere finally gets to me. cant wait to get back to KL.

well, i wasn't in the mood for outing, either. but several people manage to get me in the car, walk a bit, dine in one of Mamak Stall, and finally settle in with a James Bond. Sigh. Looking at me, people wont expect me to watch that kind of genres. Dont get me wrong. I do know, and love, several action movies. Terminator Chronicles, Gone in 60 Days... just to name a few (since i only know that). Even James Bond, the past installations, do intrhues me. Die Another Day, James Moore versions, and such... is likeable.

but then, yesterday, as i watched it in Dataran Pahlawan's GSC, it just didnt get to me. okay, well, i started with my thoughts, 'the movie is gonna be boring', but then, i shook that thoughts away, and still watched. but its become so, how do you put it, BORING, that i slept, eventually.

the movie started off with James Bond being chased by some sort of CIA agents. the action was quite cool. the car chasing. Fighting to death. but then, comes the 'berbual' part. and what do I know, i slept. then, it became so boring that, there was this 'Biawak' in the desert, and i said, 'EH, buaya'. well, after that, the action continues.

James Bond, what do ya expect? Women all over. Sadly, the girl he fucked with, got killed, with lots of oil around her naked body. Pity.

Well, i do like the accent though. Since almost every part of the movie filmed in Spain sth, and I do really like Spain. Influenced by Maria Mercedes and Rosalinda, i guess.

All in all, I am sticking with my favourite genres of all. Horror. Bring back the good old Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Carrie, Poltergeist... even I Know What You Did Last Summer.