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Pelajar Semester 3, Kewartawanan. Suka memasang impian dan cita cita, tinggi menggunung.


'Aidiladha Festivities.

Its the time of the year, again.
Aidiladha, this year, falls on 17 November, 2010. Wednesday.
During this time, Muslims would gives, and contribute together. This contribution may be seen through the process of 'melapah'. I am a bit ashamed, since I myself as never done it. But, I still like to observe, every now and then. And for me, it does not matter how tasty the food is, how much Qurban you are willing to sacrifice, and how many friends' house you are visiting. The most important thing is to be with your family. and I am happily reporting, that I am happy, here in Keramat. With my loving family. My great 52 years old mom. My older 23 years brother, and my youn ger 19 years old brother. Now there may seems gaps between us. And we do not really talk a lot. But, I am glad they are here. As should everyone in the world. Just be happy that you are blessed with your families. Appreciate them. Never take them for granted. With this, here goes my wish!

'Salam Aidil Adha 1431 Hijrah.'
May Happiness and Joys Will Always Be With Us!
Cheers for a Delightful Day Ahead!



simply saying it would be sad enough. and to actually deal with it? yeah. it is hard.
however, if there is no goodbyes, then there will be no hellos.
and truth is, we cant always live in that safe secluded spaces. there comes a time, you just have to let something go.
well, here's a goodbye to Lendu, Alor Gajah. this place has obviously made me, and shape me into who i am, now.
three years, and LOTS has been picked up.
lecturers, classmates. levelmates. blockmates.


Updates, updates.

hell, its been months.
well, lots has been goin on.
first, i am goin to grad these november, presumably by 13th, officially.
second, the pre graduation dinner and pre graduation lunch.
third, the EXPO - Fiesta Komunikasi 2010 - the one i am in Mass Comm line, for.

all in all, it has been an exhausted times of my lives.
but i am glad i have my lovelies, families and all those supports from everyones.
lotsa loves.