Sang Penulis.

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Pelajar Semester 3, Kewartawanan. Suka memasang impian dan cita cita, tinggi menggunung.


sick and tired.

of people ruining other people's lives.
of people talking back.
of people pretending to be all nice, all in the same time, macam haram.
of having to consume all your wants, for the sake of others.
of people being humble, all the while does not even mean it.
of people doing mistakes, and do not dare to apologize.
of myself, because i've turned into most of this.

of being in a place that taught all this.



Britney spears, three? nah. 3 more papers to go, then, buhbye Malacca, for now. Currently, the clock show 6.45 pm, and its 3 November, and I still have 3 more papers to go through. hey! it's a deep 'kebetulan'. haha.

well, i CANT wait to finish all this up, and escape from the plasticness of people. okay, im no good, as i did have my plasticity, but try to remains as true as possible. ugh. fuck them. when it comes to study, "jomlah, datang bilik aku, study. and bawak past year papers" but when it comes to going out and have fun, "um, kitorang tade malam esok", "bestnyee pegi hari tu, lepak2 dalam khemah". double fuck.

and as my facebook status said, 'people using people, people not strong enough to resist", bla bla. hm. i dont know. that is why, i just felt sick and want so much for the holiday to come, where i dont have to face all this kids-like people.

and for those said, "kene pondan and macam ko baru boleh dapat dl lah. mane ade orang laki dapat dl". ugh. triple fuck! then, why on the first place you EVEN applied for Masscom? !

okay, acap! enough whining. haha. i've currently finished up my second papers. next is on Sunday, followed by wednesday, and next sunday. then, the bus will be picking me up at 3, then so long, Malacca, and hello, KL!

let the days come early!