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.New Semester, New Dramas.

.Azzah & I.

After such a long and extended holiday, the new semester finally began. Bringing with it, sigh, lots of new and old dramas, new and old friends and such. For starter, I was boarding this bus to UiTM at 9pm, on 4th of January, and there’s this Part One student, who actually knew me through the MMS week. And then of course, there are always my beloved room mates. Okay, truthfully, I was not suppose to be in the room, but then, problems occurs and like always, people very much like to talk in the back rather than confront it. Hint, hint.

And then, there’s this Tengku something who’s Grandpa has just died. The Yang Dipertua Negeri Sembilan, something. Apparently, he’s in our room now. And the best part is, he likes, OBSESS to one of the few people who constantly went into our room. And he told us. And expect us not to feel anything, and keep it a secret. Duh.

New semester, the classes, well, as they always said, “Getting Tougher by the Moment”. We have to shoot pictures using cameras, do Graphic, wear formal on Friday, and dealing with Ustaz as the English teacher. The lecturers, well, for sure is very different from last semesters’. To top it all, I signed myself us for Seni Tari, which sadly, only has 5 people in it. Four of which I am not-so-close to. Gosh, and to think that I still have four months.

And then of course, the old feud, left unsettled. Well, not a feud, more to, misunderstanding, it seems.

As for old flames, who would have thought, it rises back. Of course, yeah, I AM SO HAPPY with my significant others now. But then, what do you do if you owe this someone a position, and your assignments. Someone who really likes you… or, maybe just using you. What would you do?

It is not my intention to hurt anyone. In fact, I would very much love to please everybody. But then, The More Friend You Have, The More Enemy You’ll Get, or something. It is just something you have to deal with.

I just wish, with the New Semester and the New Year, it will not only bring with it New Dramas, but also Lots of Success, Happiness and, Great Stuffs. And may my relation does not affect my studies. :)

p/s - this one is written last two weeks. Since then, well, dramas mounting. sigh.


.Sorotan '08.

.before the cut.

.after the drastic decision.

2008 is already over, three days ago. Lots has happened since last year. Of course, what's life without dramas? Something to dish on, served hot in a platter of cruelty. Now, who wouldn't want that? Huu.

Anyway, just to keep the memories alive, I've long since decided to go down the memory lane, at least '08 lane. So, here's what been happening to me all through last year.


* My first month at UiTM. Gosh, it was tough. With the induction and such. I wouldn't be ashamed to admit that I've been crying in bed more than one times.
* I went back the very first week of January. I missed my dear friends.
* Despite all that, I know that it surely had taught me to be independent.
* Discover new friends. The folks of Dmc1a.


* Saw the very first time I went into Club. I wouldn't want it, at first, but Fikri was all, "Jomlah, Jomlah...", and well, yeah, it's not all that bad.
* The Valentine Day, well, apparently, someone I barely knew wish me that. It was sweet, at least while it lasted. Sigh.
* Mass Comm is lots of fun. You get to meet new people, get new insight and such.


* Of course, the Higlight for this month will be that I met up with Irwansyah and Acha Septriasa. Whooo~!! Sadly, they were no longer an item. But they did look cute together, though. The best thing is I was out chasing them with Mel, my bestiest.
* FesComm went great. I was having fun. Doing an embarrassing Catwalk and being a Dress Up Mascot? Haha. That's also fun.
* The Assignment was overwhelming. Seriously. But that's part of being student.
* Oh. It's the very first time I met Rio.


* Happy 19th Birthday to me.
* Exam is just round the corner, and I can't seem to stop fooling around. In fact, I went back to KL and well, things happened.
* My cousin went off to U.K. As for me, Malaysia seems pretty nice.
* Spent lots of time with Fikri and Mel. Study weeks and all. Gosh. I love them~!!
* And then, there was Final.

MAY 08

* Early May, still in exam "gloomy" mood.
* But, I still managed to stroll around Uptown, get myself a sweater, and meet Kobain Agrabain, for the first time too.
* The attempt to get a car license, which eventually, did not turn out great and brought me to Rawang, Fikri's house instead.
* Being a Bitch, twice.


* Still not giving up, I strive on the License thing. Gosh. For a weak person, it was hard.
* Semester break. After a while, I started to get Real Bored. Luckily there was Fikri.
* Being a bitch, thrice and ended up getting a Loved one. Thanks Syah.


* Senior already. Huu.
* Back to being single. I was strong, and I got over it quick.
* Meet new friend, Fyan, from Mass Comm.
* Messed lots of things up. What can i say? I am clumsy, way clumsy.
* Moved to new rooms, with all my Anak2.
* Being a Bitch.
* Involved in one's relation. Sorry everyone, didn't mean that to happen.


* Presenting, the New line of Komed. And I'm in the line. Gosh. There must be lots of talking done. "Acap wannnabe", "the bitch", and all... But then, I was chosen, there must be a reason for that.
* Second sem, the stakes are higher.
* Add to that, all the while being watched by an eagle eye.
* And then, there was FesKem.


* Happy Fasting Month. The best thing about it, I passed my car license, finally, on the third day of Fasting.
* Drama keeps going on.
* Syerie and Azzah, all the while provided lots of supports, and all the others.
* Finally, a break before Raya. Topman, Big Kudos thanks to Fikri.


* Minal 'Aidil Wal Faizin. Happy Hari Raya.
* The last Public Speaking, which i didnt do as well as the Geisha thing.
* Assignments all around. All works now. Oh. Add to that the "Jamuan Hari Raya" and Dean List ceremony. Been real busy.
* Manap, thanks for the ride. My first baby step to Annas.
* Final, already, for the second time. I know for sure I am Doomed.


* Still in Exam mood.
* Went to Reptile Park. I know, but its cool.
* My first time went Overnight-ing. Thanks Luls for the great night.
* Finally, the exam's over. And so are all the plans made.
* The holiday was bittersweet.
* On the relation side, I was deciding between Zeus and Syannas.
* Rawang times for me, second time around.


* Last month of 08.
* The best thing holiday is, you'll be free and the chances of meeting almost everyone is Big. I met up with Amerul, Faiz and Padin, and Chef Wan. Huu.
* Mel's party went great. Too bad I can't go to Fikri's.
* First time I met up with Syannas. And the memoirs? I'm keeping it for myself.
* After two days, it become official, with a Ring involved.
* And then, there was being PM thing. The whole event went, as always bittersweet. Rumah dah Siap, tapi tukul masih berbunyi, something.
* And then, there was New Year 08. Which I spent with long time buddies, Shariman, watching Fireworks somewhre around Bukit Setiawangsa.
* Resolution? Got none. But, I'm botak now. I guess that's a start.

Well, in a gist, that's what been happening. Yeah. Its always easier when you listed it down, rather than experiencing it ya self. Whatever its is, Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009. :)