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dear, Diary

Dear diary.

I have been here for only 4 days. And, I do not know. It is just that, things have been on a roller coaster. I, just, well, at first, I was glad to be here. As I would then get a chance to see him. The guy that I loved so much. Loved being the word.

But then, I don’t know. I guess, he only manages to say that on the holiday. We hardly ven saw each other. Except for last to nyte. Only to find him with, well, he’s beloved. Not that I should be mad, or anything. They should live their life, happily as they wanted it to be.

But I just couldn’t deny the feelings. What is up with him?? He told me, he loved me. And really mad since I didn’t reply the messages. But now that im here. He just keeps silents. People are against us. LOTS of people. Faiz. Fazrul. Dosh. His boy, of course. And, the only supporter I have, is Syerie. And Azzah.

I don’t know. Maybe I should not meddle with their relations. Well. Yeah. I have all the sms –ers. But I just, I had fallen head over heels at him.

But, well, I guess I just played in the wrong lane. As, well, I don’t know. I will never get him. And frankly. I don’t even care. Owh. Who am I kidding? I do care.

Either way, I am living my life as how I wanted It to be. Or, is it? i don't know.
well, its surely my life.. and i decide it.


things happened for a reason, don't they?


its been a long time. since i last write. particularly since i've been so fucking busy at uitm, that not much time could be spent on writing blogs. that, plus the fact that I'm so damn lazy.

anyway, as always, my life never shy away from troubles. be it a big one, or small, tiny bit of it. at times, it get so hard that i almost like giving up all of this, returned to KL, and lives life as it was. at least, it wont be that hard. and at least, my emotions arent going to hurt.

oh. and before i said anything, Daus, 2a, well, u may said that mine is rather a typical blogs, that write about his lovers, his pathetic life, and all those dumb things, but well, it is mine. so, its my right, just to write anything i want to. anyway, not that I'm being mad or anything. after all, we live for a comment to improve us up, don't we?

oh. after a month there, i had been through a lot. first, there was this nomination for the MT thing. i was so excited, at first. so, after my class has voted me in, i went to the screening. later, things happened, and i seriously just want to quit. but, i never gave up.

add to that, my roomie, is a junkie. and i had been messing things up. such as damaging this person's buckle. lost the other person pen drive. lost our CTU notes, which, its later turn out, couldn't be more perfect than we could hope for. great job. and this goes for Daus, Kerel, and, sure, u too, Hamzah.

on top of it all, i suddenly discovered that i was in the middle of one's relation, again. this time around, the person, of whom i liked, turn out to like me, also.
of course, i could just snake my way and made that someone chooses me, instead. but i don't want to. and now, i'm seriously stuck.

just to spice things up, my pen drive also got lost, by the time i came to KL. gosh. Misfortune All Over. n i failed my driving test. yesterday. gosh. i was SOO Fucking Damn Close to get a license.

anyhow, there are some good sides, out of all of this. the AGM, held on 10th August went great. i spent time with YANIE, most of the times. and, it was awkward. although nothing really changes after that. (referring to the post).

and, with my children, (in my room), i could never felt happier. at least, while i was at Melaka. we always have fun. and i SERIOUSLY DONT FUCKING CARE about others anymore. i'd done that for the whole First sem, well, not anymore.

and of course, discovering people. I LOVE MEETING BUNCHES OF PEOPLE. people of colors, someone once said. and whats more. the feeling of being adored. haha. not that too many of them.

anyway. now that the mid sem's break are coming to the end, we'll have once again to live our cruel life, there at Melaka. maybe i put it too harsh a word, but, thats exactly what i felt. and im writing it through my window.