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in about 5 hours, i'll be getting my 1st driving class. i dont even know why am i writing this thing of. but well, i'd be glad to look back and say, "owh, here's me, way before knowing how to drive".

to be frank, i dont even know very much about cars. i even asked my mel, wats a handbrake. go figure.

anyhoo. i hope dat it'll be so much easier than i thought. it'd be busy though. as it'll go straight from tomorrow till thursday. thursday, is khamis, ryte? (owh god! its almost 3, dats y im so fuckin blur, well, im blur in nature, also..)

today, had been great though. family thingy. of course, when i say family, i only mean me and my mom. my younger bro, dat's typical of him. n my older bro, now, i dont need to tell it.

i just fuckin wish dat, after all dat i've done, mom wud realize it. n even rewarded me with sth. a motorcycle wud be nice. but nope. i just have to go to all troble. u'd say dat, no, the "bersamamu" era is way over. kids nowadays always, ALWAYS got wat they wanted.

then there's me. who had, as one of my uitm's colleague once said, been thru a lot. like hell i did. i was forced to walk to school, for 5 years, with dirts and muds. i didnt got any mobile till i was 18, and that was the one that had been stolen, that was. on top of that, i did not even got a chance to say sorry for my father.

not that i want to sound discontented here, but, it seems, my brother got it all. motorcycle. handset, way before i even got mine. yeah2. there are lots of people facing waytoo much trouble than mine. but still...
sometimes, no, make dat most of da times, i wish dat i'd not be here. not even existed. then, all this problems wont come. but then, i couldnt even think my life without KL!! i'd be DEAD!!
well, one's gotta face obstacles in order to gain benefits. or so they said...


.another sad story.

it had been almost two weeks now since my last paper. of course, i had been in kl a week before dat. well, dis last few weeks since i last wrote, it had been sometink.

1st, i get my heart crushed. more than one occasion, i think. then, there's da license problem. i was suppose to be working ryte now at Isetan Lot 10, but thouight better n ask me to complete my license. dont get me wrong. i myself wanted to get on with things. but it turn out dat, my 1st class will only begin at 25/05. i might as well work. hrmm. guess dat's my life. never got wat i wanted.

last week had been great, though. ryte after the Sunday paper, for da 1st time, i went to Shahriman's house at Shah Alam. I'll spare da detail. and i spent most of da tyme with, who else, MakHayam. i even agreed to went clubbing, yet again, for the third time, even though my heart kept saying NO.

n i didnt enjoyed it. every bit of it. i guess despite all the stuffs dat i've done, im just not da clubbing type of guy. i stayed at Makhayam's till Sunday. n it was more than enough to drive me nuts.

Monday. we went to watch Narnia. again, another miserable day. then come Tuesday, where i, don't know wat am i doing, went to work at Convention Center. it was TIring!! da money was great, though!!

well, in da next few days, i'll work my butt off to get license. hopefully i'll get it, at least before da new sem kick off.



my first blog.don really know wat to write.well, yesterday was fun. that and the day before.
i come back to KL at 3 something on friDay and Shariman already asked me to keep him company. we went to Fikri's a.k.a MakHayam house. and there, i was having such a great time. i even swim in such a short boxer. haha.go figure~! it was real fun!!

next, come Saturday. the cursed Saturday. so much tinks been happening. all at da same time. fun. drama. enjoy.u name it...

the past was repeating itself. as in, me, SHA, dILa and Shariman were strolling around KLCC. and Pavvy. and Sg Wang. it was just like last year. the moment where i completely did nothinx. gosh. miss dat moment. we went karaoke. n i entered the McD's say-the-crap-in-4-seconds contest, twice. and i got two free BigMac.
rite after i went home, MY BEST BUDDY, mel, pick me up. and it was the first time i met Rio. again, we hang around BB. like, i've been here, in just a couple hours ago!!
of course, i just have to meet Daus, my classmate at UiTm Malacca..
later, we went to Uptown@ Danau 2nd time.been longing to go there ever since.bought myself a sweater/cardigan. n then, of course, there was my ONS. back at PLKN. completely ignored me. could this day be more, Confusing and Fucking Complicated??

Unfortunately, it can. Someone who had a crush on me, told me about it. it was late. 2 o'clock. and, to be honest, real honest, i had so many bad memories dat, love doesnt appeal dat much 2 me..

gosh~! life is suckx. u dont get wat u want. n u ended up wif those u hate...the cruelty of life.