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Days Belong To Us.

*the scenery at KLCC's waterfront. thanks Google*

It was Friday. And I was here. Kalau dah namanya Friday, mustilah ke club. Mel pun dah lama plan untuk ke club. Aku pun dah buat serba sedikit persediaan. Dan Fikri juga telah memujukku supaya pergi. Tapi kesian Mel. Akhirnya, tak menjadi. First, aku tiba tiba TingTong. Mana taknya. Paracetamol 2, Selsema 4. Gowd. Pengsan terus. Second, muncul kerisauan yang akan ada Rush. Takut juga. Sedar2, muka kami di dada akhbar dan ibubapa datang menjemput di Balai Polis. Third, and most foremost, duit pun sudah kurang. Biasalah. Students dan Interns. Nak expect apa?

Jadi, cancellah malam Jumaat tu. Dan aku, sambung tidur. Around 1, though, suddenly my brother called up to me. Unfortunately, we had a short circuit. Our house only. And the fuse is burned, with a real fire coming up. It was scary. The consequences? We didn't have electricity up to 3pm on Saturday. Poor my mom. She spent yet another amount of money to pay for the fix.

Saturday, I texted Mel in the morning. He seemed unwillingly to go out. But later on, I got that usual surprised call, saying Koben on his way and we're going round. What planned as 'Jusco' at first, took us up to KLCC park. Did some Camwhoring, a remade of Ciara's Work and we're off to, pasar malam au3. Bumped into some of my old classmate. Suddenly it's like an unplanned reunion. gosh.

Koben sent me and Mel back home. But I'm pretty sure that there's more. After all, Mel have been saying about Mali's, couple of times. As on queued, Mel asked to get ready. 15 minutes. I was expecting his car, but instead Wira came. Alyn. Koben's BFF. She's cute. And really nice. Made our way to Mali's. Missed that place myself.

Shisha time! We had that Transform flavor. Don't know what it transforms us too. Then, as I bought the drinks (for the second round. hee), Alyn came. We talked and I got to know her better. She's really cool. I even invited myself to M.O.S. haha. tak malu! Then a question popped out, "The guys came already?". "Yea". GOD! majal pulak!

Then, as we arrived to the table, of course, I just HAVE to humiliate myself. hee. and it went on till 4 o'clock. Luckily Alice made a stop to our table. Least, she's one person I know. As time passed, I was getting tired. The guys, Alyn, they're all cool. Just, guess its time to be at home, already.

After much contradictions, we finally on our way home. I was being a total bitch. sorry, kobain! But, the night was quite good. Got to thinking, in order for me to get ting tong, all I need is an SKL *Cherry*, Two Shisha *Transform + Love*, Lots of Drinks *Teh O Ais* and Out till 5am. haha. Although, being me, I kept silence most of the time, I quite enjoyed it. MUCHOS GRACIAS to Mel, Kobain, and Alyn. And the Boys, *Muiz, Shamin and Arill* (hope i got it right).

Oh, no pictures of any of the above mentioned incidents. Later will update it.

Muffin's Story.

*Amcorp Mall - Mel's Intern. LC, anyone? Haha*

*10th Floor, I tink. And if you could see, the Beautiful Park*

Dear bloggers.
Hey. hm. my one-week holiday are coming to the end. will be back to lendu, malacca and beloved (ke?) uitm tomorrow moning. havent been able to update this for a while. well, nothing's to write about.

Where to start, eh? oh, i know. after the not so long silent squabble with my mom, i decided to let it go. parents. thanks to those who gave me advises. you know who you are. all righty then, wednesday. i was planning to pick Mel up, from his office at Amcorp Mall, Taman Jaya. Shocking news, he's kinda injured himself. Luckily it was nothing.

So the pickup went the day after. Thursday. I was kinda late, at 5pm. And fasting that day. And did not offered a lady, a seat. Kinda felt terrible, but then it was packed train. Gosh. Arrived Amcorp Mall around 6. Mel havent finished his job yet. So there I was, waiting. After 10 minutes, sorry to say, I think I've finished the whole Mall. Then Mel came, we kinda huha huha at The Park and we dined at a&w. And, on our way back, we saw this 'nok' with a bling2 on. haha.

We met Alice for a while. She's pretty as she is. Always. Mel is resitting his paper. Best of Luck to him. I wanted him to hold that scroll and pursue studies. And, as for Jiha. Haih. It really is complicated, when you are close to someone. And you like that person, and she/he is not really what you wanted him/her to be. Hm. Muffin. If you know what I mean. Oh, and Mel DID give me muffins. Tasty-licious.


Parents Is Not Perfect.

parents: they thought they did the best for us. send us away to college. gives us pocket money. told us not to do drugs. tell us to pray 5times a day. and having done all that, they thought they have done the best and provided enough for us.

well, here's a reality. they dont! they are not perfect, just like us.

Mother : Go buy some durian. Go use ur old folks' motorcycle.

Son : Umm. . .

Mother : Why? Are u afraid? U have to start the bike. Or else it would not be working after.

Son : (Sigh). Okay.

One hour Later.

Mother : Yay! You brought durian.

Son : Hmm. . (Panting heavily and replacing the now torn plastic of Soya). U really should give me a bike. .(murmuring).

Mother : How much did you spent? No worry, I'll pay you back. (So caught up in herself that she doesnt realize other things).

The drama above shows what happened to me, and reflect so much drama that has happened in the past, and is still happening, not only to me, but to every son/daughter out there, i believe.

Ibu hanya tahu, anaknya bawa kembali durian. Apa yang terjadi di tengah2, di tengah One Hour Later, ibu tak tahu. yang anaknya hampir excident, yang anaknya begitu malu kerana lambat gile start motor, yang anaknya terpaksa tebal muke mintak duit tukar. yang plastik air soya terkena durian. yang anaknya kene tanya mane durian yang okay.

dan semua tu, kerana apa? kerana pada dulunya ibu berkata,

Tingkatan 4:

Mother : Takpayahla bawak motor. Takpayah amik lesen. Nanti ligat tak belajar.

Masa Masuk UiTM:
Mother : Takpayah la bawak motor. Nanty excident.

Masa Tengah Belajar:
Mother : Takpayah. Nanty lain jadinya. tak belaja. Nanty dah keje, beli je lah.

GOWD!! For Pete's sake! motor dah lunyai pon. dahla. aku bengang and taktau nak tulis ape. its just, im FREAKING MAD.


another one of those post.

dont wanna say much. just view the link.

not what it seems.

hm. rumours has it that our uni case has gone even in the newspapers. everyone was like, rather mad at the pengarah kampus. as he keeps saying, "kita okay. kita tak bole close". fuck!

honestly, i really dont care. i mean, yeah, it is about our health. dan kami berada di tempat yang, casenya dah pun mencecah 10 orang. lecturer, di pihak yang lain berkata, "semuanya masih terkawal. mungkin disebabkan construction".

again. i dont really care. yang nyata, bebudak nih, nak cuti. aku pula, bukannya aku tak mahu pulang. dan bukannya aku mahu kan kematian. tapi, aku percaya, as long as you know how to take care of yourself, not expecting anything, and not exposing yourself to the threat, you are going to be just fine.

tapi tulah. di samping kesibukan orang berH1N1, aku pula terperangkap dalam drama lecturer. "macam bodoh". the lecturer even said. bukan nak mengata, tapi cuma mahu menegur. dan kerana aku terlampau baik, aku hampir kantoi, di mana, ada kondom dalam laciku. and my roomies think all that is funny. FUCK!!

ikut hati. aku mahu saja pulang. release tensi. lupa masalah. tapi bukan sekarang. biarlah KL merindui aku, dan aku rindukan KL juga.

those who read, do pray for all of warga uitm, a bright pink of health. and for things to get soo much better.



not that old drama, again!

hm. its been two weeks now, i am here. in lendu. well, i almost got my jpa from completed. big thanks to my momma! and now, for the freshies induction. they always goes, "asal ko kene buat semue keje?", or " aku nampak ko sorrang je buat keje". well, i beg to differ. in KOMED, it is more of a groupwork. but to hell! most ajk pon tak buat keje. but since this the last semester, im gettin all out. and once dah habis everything. GOODBYE!

as for my romantic stuff, i dont know if my zodiac says otherwise. but it has been great. VERY great in fact. i got a call from S around 7 today. and finally get the ball to date with J, yesternyte. up till 2am. oh gosh! heee. but i am still sticking up with the old plan. stay single. avoid drama (at least try to). and be Acap. all the way.

the only thing is, i have a really hard time with classmate. maybe two of them. and as for room mate. haih! do i even need to tell? one of them wanted to make me jealous. but, why would i be. its life as it is. and im living it. and i really not looking forward for any drama, this semester. although i sense that i've already gotten myself into. a drama involving lecturers? woopseyh!

oh, oh. and after meeting peeple and, engaging myself in drama, (of which i did not even asked for), i thought od the saying. "its a crazy world, and we're the crazy people who's living it".


a scholar: to get or not to get?

of course, my answer would be the latter. but then, how would i apllied, if the Internet connection here in Lendu is so slow. gosh! i really hoped for the scholarship. i want it. hell, i need it! to support me. and my studies. and my necessities.

with the not-so-good result of mine. well, hopefully i will still get it. right now, with big help from mel, i hoped i would be able to made this, work.

oh, and after a week here. i am officially the most boring person on earth. or maybe here. i am bored, and my bored show through. and people see me as, well, boring. hee. the lectures pretty much went the same. in fourth semester now. and couldnt wait to finish all this. this semester, lots of killer subjects, too. Economy, Math anyone? ugh! and Publication, and Advertising. which involves designing and all. of which i know, im sucks at.

gowd! i just hope i could do well. and my grades will be, at least slightly better than last semester. InsyaAllah.


we're the saturdays.

spotted, A and M having a boys day out, surrounded by the public at BB. boy, arent they a cute pair? wonder why the other bestiest, Kobain, never made it? what's up, K? the folks just dying to know the reason of the sudden left.

haha. berangan japs.
well, we do hv a great time. but, let me tell u the whole story, shall i?

it all started last week, or before, the idea of going Ice Skate, at Sunway Piramid. i never been there, frankly. so, i really wanted to. and Iceskate? hell yeah! after all, it IS the last hang out, before we're off to campus, again. me and koben, that is. the initial plan was for us to get up at 11am, get to cut Mel's hair, and hang, anywhere.

due to last nyte late's sleep, i only woke up at 11.30am. dress up, oh, i finally wear the shirt Mel specially buy, as my Birthday's gift. thanks, bitch! it was cute! and there we were, at K Quick sometink, watching, and waiting patiently, for Mel to get his Rihanna's do's. it was real cool though. dont u tink. afte all that biting, R, u really shd hv move over. made way to Riha-mel! haha.

so, since the cut take soo long, the hang was cut short. but hey. we're young and restless. we hv fun, anywhere, everywhere. so,there were we. arriving at Sunway. except for the Ice Skate, the place, was a bit, duh. but i get to taste this delicious nasi lemak, by Pappa Rich. it's a must have!

we beat the trafic, and hit BB. sadly, Koben has got to go. as Mel wishes, i wish ur problems will be ok, now, Koben! ur th fierce one, of course u'll sort it out!

as the nyte still young, me and Mel, strolled around Pavi and BB. it was GREAT! even though there a LOTTS of people, but it was a great day. Pavilion, rocks! BB is GREAT! we even snap with this candy Model. haha. it was WAY cool. met up with Pidot, of whom i barely knew.

after all that excitement, i finally hit home at 10pm. it was the second last time im meeting with Mel. kinda sad, since all this fun will be limited. but no worries. KL will have me. at least part of me.

*p/s - although i didn get to skate, what matters is my bestiest, Mel and Kobain. i have great times! im nobody without u guys. xoxo.

kl, goobye. malacca, hell-oh!

whoa! it had been quite some time since my last post about the father's day. and it had been weeks since dad's day. i do have bits of excitements, last weeks. but, not feeling up to write about it.

so, there i was. at the end of holiday. and everything's a fucked up! selasa, i was accompanying Fikri to cut his hair. and i was practically forced by him to follow his colleagues to Putrajaya. but, along the way, i did have fun. get to see places i never been. Puchong, and all those area. by the end of the day, i left my helmet, at his friend's car. dammit!

wednesday. i was in mydin, shopped for my stuffs. and purchased my ticket to Malacca for Monday. we hang. the usual Power of Three, me, Mel and Kobby. we watched Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs, and it was SOO hilarious! and spending time with them, never boring. the only problem? i lose my ticket! dammit, two!

khamis. i went up to pay my studies' biil, at Bank Islam, at Taman Melawati (why cant it be one of them in Setiawangsa?!), and found out, my account has closed! dammit, three!

friday, well, the only thing that cheer me up, is today. as i went,(yet again), to Bank Islam to open new account, i met up with one senior of my block. gosh! im not even in Malacca, and i already seen some familiar faces. so, my journey kicked during the Friday's Prayer, (GOD! I have sinned!), with the ever undersatnding and cool Yanie and his Sister, and his Mom. we arrived Malacca, and register ourselves. it was quick. and bit fun.

as i was going back to KL, i get a call, from Azrill, my new room mates. as it turn out, i was on my way to KL, with yet another GREAT family. THANKS SOO MUCH, to all of you! and, as i arrived, i straighly called Mel, excited that it had all been over, and spent till 2am at his home, gossiping and onlining. who knows when would i do that again, ryte?

as for saturday, i'll tell in the next post. it's 9 minutes to 12 o'clock now. to monday. of where i should be in uitm malacca. but, being me, i always wait till last minutes to get there. and, yea, i will be missing KL, A LOTT! study would be hard, but, as one put it, no pain, no gain! and as mel says it, 'you gotta work, work!'

wish me best of luck, y'all. may the new semester will be a BLAST!
do wait for my next post. after all, who am i, without u guys.
xoxo. (berangan pulak. hee).