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.last few days.

I'm quite glad, now. since we're already in our last week, here in UiTM Malacca. All the class has finished since this Tuesday. (as to when I write this thing, it's Azan Maghrib, and it's Thursday).

if it was to me, i have long ago pack my bag, and BYE2 Malacca. but then, well, we still have several matters. we have to change our KOKO, and submit assignments, (which, hatefully, due tomorrow). and, to top things off, we' MassComm in Malacca, are having tests, on weekend, for God's Sake. Well, it wouldnt be the first, but, hell~! Weekend. Last weekend of Ramadhan. People were like, having last minutes 'Raya Party' and all. And we have to sit for our Final Test. Writing and Public Speaking, that is.

this week, it had been crazy. People were like, all shout, all making faces. And, somewhere along the lines, I dont FUCKING know how i get myself involved.

Problems with classmates. And then, Assignments. And then, Room mates. Pegghs. and i could stay steady. and the fact that if have red hair. WTF??! So what? People are having blondes, perples whatever fucking colour.

there are good things, out of this, though. Mass Comm, we'll have a tea party. this Saturday. and just recently, i sit and talked with, get this, Liyana Jasmay~!!

and, i modelled for Dosh, my Room Mate, for his storyboard. huhuh~!
i could proudly say, 'wa caya sama lu, la dude!!', to myself.




times, when we waited, it would be long, way long. kita kan selalu pkir macam tue. hurmx.

well, saye tak terkecuali. saye, menunggu..untuk ape? ntah. mati? maybe. someone to love? maybe, not.

wat it would felt like, dimandi, dikafan, disembahyangkan, and dikambus? alone. in the darkness. di dunie, kite hu~ha. hu~ha. di sane? it surely wont feel the same, will it? too much conciousness? hurmx. maybe it is my time to be conscious. i was always having fun. now that the final dah nak dekat, maybe its time to be serious.

for those whom i had loved, all the way from standard 6, it was fun knowing all of you. i cant say all the names, simply because i just wouldnt remember. tapi, all of these people, dorang jadikan saye, saye yang skarang. i may not be perfect. i may not be handsome, i may not be wise, i may not be rich, i may not wear expensive clothes, but, saye adalah saye.

(sebenarnya, saya pon xtahu wat am i trying to say here)

but i really am who i am. there's nothing i would like to change. saye amat gembira. and, walaupon sekarang saya ada problem besar, (malangnya, saya masih jadik orang ke3, yang padahal, saya x pon), and saya xpegi meeting komed last week (orang akan kate saya x wat kerja), and to top things off, saya betol2 windue BANGAT sama KL.

and for now, let people drool over me. i am sick and tired of being people's puppet. i am my own 'tuan'. now, its payback time.

call me a bitch, call me a whore. cal me whatever you would like for.
but i am me, a simple and real me, and i will always forever be.


.Three Weeks.


let it come early. i am just sick and tired of malacca already. since evrything that has happened, i just dont feel like coming back to UiTM anymore. well, i am still here, now, even though its really hard. and since the Raya Break, my mind still pretty much in KL. Im not saying that Malacca is bad, well, maybe just the people living in it, which, surprisingly, not even pure Malaccan.

well, i just hope for the best now. this weekend, we'll be having Final Test, for Public Speaking and Writing. gosh~! i really hope i could do well. my carrier mark, isnt all that great. i was REALLY hoping to get another DL.

hurm, for the upcoming three weeks, which i will be spending here, in UiTM, sigh, well, i just hope that it would turn out for the better. and all assignments, presentations and such will be done in a much better way.