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Pelajar Semester 3, Kewartawanan. Suka memasang impian dan cita cita, tinggi menggunung.



Loads of works. Loads of task. So many, So little time. Comes undergraduates level, eveything seems so tough. He wants this, She wants that. And it IS hard to satisfy many people, with different needs, at the same time. God.

For instance, I have this quiz, that I will endure with, in less than two hours. of which I havent brought myself to study yet. And a replacement class. And a weekend trip to see elephants, deers, aboriginals people and whats not. Come back, later the video production for Language awaits. Not to mention Management's proposal to be presented. And Research's Questionnaires to be fixed.

Whoa. All this. And not enough rest. I wonder how will I survive this thing? My only prayer is to God.

Tapi usaha kena ada lah Der!

Oh well, I can only hope for the best. This will all be over, in no times pun, Insya Allah.

And well, notes to self. Please Please Acap jangan lupa baca buku untuk Finals. Oh, and Guten Morgen people.

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