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Loads, II.

What to say. Comes last two final weeks, everyone will updates, tweet, talk, or worst case scenario, even dreams about the same things: ASSIGNMENTS. well, what to do? that is a student life. last minutes workd should probably be the best work, the motto that was widely used back then. now, however, the same phrases just cannot seem to be applied, again. sigh.

But yesterday, i felt really really down. maybe its the fatigueness, of not getting enough sleep. maybe its the fact that i have been busting my ass off while other people just seems to be focusing on their own works and DO NOT takes any things seriously. maybe its the fact that i missed my mom. maybe its the fact that i am all alone, as previously stated. but i hate to think that maybe all the answers are wrong. maybe i am not born to be a good journalist, anyway. NO. I REFUSE TO ADMIT THAT! if so, why does i felt so natural when interviewing people. why am i eager to ask people around. and why am i jumping up and downs when i get to see Najib, our PM last Thursday?

But yesterday. The presentation sucks big times. I even tried to lie the lecturers. He must be hating me that much. No wonder there. And by the time of the last class, I found myself crying. sobbing. putting my heads down. so that people will not see me. SIGH! i am pathetic. but prior to that, this classmate of mine. of whom people will look up and say, 'Oh, the Pious One'. well, she practically raised her voices. No need to do that. I assure. But yeah. Journalist cannot be to softhearted. But I just cannot control myself.

Hmmph. I just wished for the weeks to end and passed fastly. Bye Now. Gotta pray.


reez said...

best of luck for finals

Ashraff Bennett said...

thanks. ;D. you, too.