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'Well I've been afraid of changes, cause I've build my life, around you', landslide, Glee.
this is it. four months of breaks. still cant believe its already started. i mean, yeah, i wasn't all that eager at first, to study, and honestly i could've done better in the papers, but yeah. it ended so abruptly. there were we, just getting warmed up, knowing each others, finishing the seemingly never endings series of assignments. then voila! final. a gapless final test, i must add. (3 days in a row test? an experience, thought exciting, i wouldn't want to undergo it again.)

four months in a new place, it taught me a lot. i met all kind of people. and my blockmates, they're cool. yeah. well, called me like kolot, or old-fashioned, or even, not growing up cause i still needs to live in a dorm, but it is one hell of an experience. one that many wont get. and the goodbyes yesterday, was hard.

there we were, four months and several days. and the possibility to be in the same room next time? equal to none. some chose to rent, others, well, everyone has their own plans. but it was really, really good while it lasted. so, here's more about my housemates.

*Rocky - He's the Sabahan. 24, or 25th, i think. he downloads all this high quality movie, and series. he's the supplier for glee. and, yeah, though annoying at times, he sure cheered up the room. ;)

*Tom - Another Sabahan. And slightly older, too. most of the times he keeps to himself. but, a great listener. once a while, when im really moody or such, he'd listen, and said, 'takpa'. oh, and such a pious and devoted Christian, or Catholics. *blame my short term. ;)

*Reezal - He's the first i encountered, back in 2nd of January, i think. a business people. and yeah, he's cool. and who knows behind all that messy looks, he got the brains.

*Imran - Surprisingly, my former schoolmates, one that i did not recognize at all. *short term, again. sigh. well, he, sure is the brain. he always seems to be studying. if i remember correctly, its not like him, back then. but people change. i think he found his muse, during his poli years. well, a boast, most of the times. and always seems to involve with a series of accidents. i sure hope he'll take great care later.

*Qarami - From the same place I am. Melaka. Fast track. well, i may have say some bad things about him, well maybe more, but thats what his unique i think. the confidence level, and whats not. and and he's crazy about Bieber. while i don't have any troubles with bieber cant say the same for others. haa.

and then there's the guys next door. the one who supplies the vampire diaries series, the one that share the laughs with. the one that i always ask for foods. it is cruel, that uitm offers the college, let us build all the relationships, and not guarantee anything, in future.

but, in a way, too, i think it is a good practice. hey, you cant predict the future. and while we're at it, we really did enjoys it. so, whatever happens later, i think we at least have brief memories. bittersweet one. now, where have i read this somewhere? oh, right. in this very blog. some seven months ago, when i was, devastated to leave lendu. but i managed, dont i?

and now that the books no longer in my list of interests, i think i am going to make the very best of these holidays. i'll try to finally get a blackberry. come up with that shorthand skills suggested by lecturers, class or no class, one way or another. and well, just having a good time.

and it'll start next week. at my convocation. yes, people. i have finally graduates. from diploma, yeah, but graduate nevertheless. ;)

i just hope that the days will be kind. and sunshine will always be there to light the ways up. hell, i sounded like those of the counselors, or someone writing a song. i could get used to this. ;D

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