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Pelajar Semester 3, Kewartawanan. Suka memasang impian dan cita cita, tinggi menggunung.


Conceiving Convo.

convo suppose to be fun. a pay for everything that one has worked so hard for. but right now, i dont really felt that way. snorted! explains the 'conceive' word. i have water running down from my nostrils. and i dont feel so good right now. sore throats, and whatsnot. and tomorrow's the day. to take the robes. claims it. and wear it later on Wednesday. yeapsie. my Convocation/ Graduation Day people. the time that i suppose i have been waiting for quite some times now. but now that it's here. sigh. i guess i am not that excited and giddy anymore. i should be. i have worked well, quite hard. countless sleepless nights. assignments. dramas. such. but comes today, i dont know. the feeling? not so much. maybe i'd felt good once i actually in that stage, wearing the robes and square hats and smiling that fake smiles toward the cameras. either way, i juts hope that this would be over with in a hurry. so that i could move on, fond myself some jobs to do this four months holiday. save up for that Thailand trip. and enter new semester. ;D

Wish me Lucks/ Congrats, friends!

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